Reducing Symptoms with Nutrition and Drugs

ISBN-10: 0 9526056 9 4      ISBN-13: 978 095260569 0     (Denor Press)
(Identical text to ISBN: 978 0 9526056 4 5)

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Book Contents

Cautionary Note/Disclaimer Authors and Publisher
About the Authors Dr Geoffrey Leader, Lucille Leader & Professor Leslie Findley
Foreword Professor Leslie Findley
"I Used to be a Nutritional Neurosceptic!" Tom Isaacs
Chapter 1 How Specialized Nutrition Influences Drug Response & Functional Health
Chapter 2 Nutritional Therapy as Part of the Multidisciplinary Team Management of Parkinson's Disease
Chapter 3 Body Composition
Chapter 4 How the Brain Makes Dopamine - The Nutrition Connection!
- From Protein to Dopamine and Adrenaline - Metabolic Pathway
- Dopamine Metabolic Diagram
Chapter 5 Cellular Energy Production, Blood Sugar Regulation and Mood
Chapter 6 Biochemical Tests (routine medical and nutritional)
Chapter 7 Nutritional Supplementation (Oral)
Chapter 8 Improving Bowel Function
Chapter 9 At What Intervals should L-dopa be Taken?
Monitoring Schemes for a smoother "ON-OFF" period
Chapter 10 Reducing Dyskinesia and Smoothing Out "On-Off" Symptoms
Chapter 11 When to Take an Agonist, COMT Inhibitor, MAO Type B Inhibitor or Stalevo
Chapter 12 The Compromised Liver
Chapter 13 Food Intolerance
Chapter 14 Food Additives
- Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and Aspartame
Chapter 15 Free Radicals
Chapter 16 Environmental Hazards
- Organophosphates
- Radiation
- Mercury
Chapter 17 Dietary Recommendations for People Taking L-Dopa
- Optimising absorption of L-dopa
Chapter 18 Dietary Recommendations for People Not Taking L-Dopa
Chapter 19 Changing the Diet Gradually and Safely
Chapter 20 Weight Control
Chapter 21 Parasites
Chapter 22 Improving Bowel Environment after Antibiotics
Chapter 23 Foods Providing Nutrients
Chapter 24 A Natural Source of L-Dopa
Chapter 25 Safety and Hygiene in the Kitchen
Chapter 26 Recipes for All Occasions! (gluten, casein, lactose & lectin-free)
Chapter 27 Assessment Diary Chart
- for patients, caregivers and health professionals
Chapter 28 Intravenous Nutrition (protocols for the medical profession)
- vitamins, minerals
- glutathione
Chapter 29 Undergoing Anaesthesia - Nutritional Considerations
Chapter 30 Dental Health
- hygiene, maintenance, condition, mercury and fluoride
Chapter 31 Stress - The Dopamine Connection
Chapter 32 Improving Sleep
Chapter 33 Sexuality - Nutritional Aspects
Chapter 34 The Carers' (Care Givers') Guide
Chapter 35 Helpful Contacts
Chapter 36 INDEX
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