How To Optimise ON-OFF Periods during L-dopa Therapy

ISBN 978-1-9999562-9-5     (Denor Press)

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I saw, time and again, in-clinic, the beneficial effects on the symptoms of patients with PD when they followed the Leaders’ L-dopa timing and dosing protocol and nutritional recommendations. The results were nothing short of stunning!

I urge anyone with PD, their partners and their carers to read this book and follow the recommendations therein.

Harriet Jedwab
Nutrition Practitioner BSc RAW Dip Nutri Cons RAW Dip IR MGNII MBANT CNHC Reg AMGNC

A unique and very valuable book. One cannot find these recommendations anywhere else. The cover has a perfect image....meaningful and calming colours.

Dr Lorena Corbaxhi MD
Medical Practitioner

The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom (UK) has championed the idea of the patient being the “expert” – this monograph and other publications that the Leaders have previously published provide a catalogue of facts and information which any expert would require. Minimising fluctuations and variability of responses require sound knowledge of relevant biology and drug action. To that end, I am sure that many will find this monograph useful.

Professor Leslie J Findley KLJ TD MD FRCP FACP MRCS
Consultant Neurologist

Whitney, USA (Review on

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