By David Uri

ISBN – 10: 0955166101     ISBN – 13: 9780955166105

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This recording, by hypnotherapist and psychotherapist David Uri, provides a method for people with Parkinson’s Disease which aims to relieve stress and facilitate relaxation.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, UK, David Uri works within a multi-disciplinary Parkinson’s Disease management team. His work plays an invaluable role in the stress management and emotional support of Parkinson’s Disease sufferers, their caregivers and families. He also teaches and lectures internationally.

Most Parkinson’s Disease patients find that stress makes their symptoms worse. This is because the body releases adrenaline in response to stress. Adrenaline is made (metabolised) from the body’s store of dopamine. Dopamine deficiency is the core factor in Parkinson’s Disease.

It therefore follows that regular use of an applied stress-management technique (such as that provided by this recording) is of vital importance in the control of symptoms. This CD should be used alongside any recommended medical treatment.

Carers have found that using the CD for themselves provides general relief from stress, improves sleep quality and may reduce insomnia.

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