Sugar & Spice

By Natasha King

ISBN-10: 0 9526056 2 7      ISBN-13: 978 0 9526056 2 1      (Denor Press)

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Natasha King

Natasha King is the pseudonym for Esther Orden. Born in South Africa, her life is a kaleidoscope of fascinating experiences and she regales audiences with her intriguing short stories.

As an international traveler, her path has been intense and her professions diverse! She started her career as a concert pianist (recorded the Schumann Piano Concerto with the SABC Orchestra), went on to qualify as a School Teacher at the Teachers' Training College, obtained the LTCL Music Degree (Piano), became South Africa's most successful "woman" private property developer, started the first Oscar Award Ceremony for South African Actors, initiated a 'sick visiting' program for hospitals as well as other communal benefi ts in her area, has helped many refugees and gave a scholarship for African students to study medicine during the diffi cult apartheid days in South Africa.

Esther Orden has worked as a Music Therapist in Cape Town and has lectured about music in both South Africa and the United Kingdom. She now lives in London in the UK where she continues to perform music, write and share her fascinating stories.

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