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Parkinson's Disease - Reducing Symptoms with Nutrition and Drugs
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Fly with a Miracle
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Parkinson’s Disease - Reducing Symptoms with Nutrition and Drugs
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Fly with a Miracle

Author - Sheila Belshaw

ISBN: 0 9526056 7 8


Fly with a Miracle describes the thrilling details surrounding the pioneering and successful medical treatment in the UK for bone cancer, through the eyes of a mother and her son (the patient) who is determined to become an airline pilot. Every word of the story has been edited by the medical team involved. Powerfully written in exceptional style, the book holds the reader spellbound from beginning to it's happy ending. As such, Denor Press considers this book a valuable contribution to medical audit and feedback as well as being very inspiring and exciting for patients and their families.

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"Miracles happen to exceptional patients every day - those who have the courage to love and those who have the courage to work with their doctors to participate in and influence their own recovery. OncoLink highly recommends this book."

Li Liu, MD, Oncolink, University of Pennsylvania Cancer Centre
(© Trustees of Pennsylvania Uni.)

"This is a well-written and truly uplifting book that will have you on the edge of your seat as you wait to find out if Andrew will fulfill his dream to fly. Highly recommended."

Cape Times, Cape Town

"RAFVR(T) Officer Flight Lieutenant Andrew Belshaw's astonishing courage make this a difficult book to put down.

Bookworm - Air Cadet Magazine (UK)

"Sheila's book, Fly with a Miracle, is positive and upbeat. It shows Andrew as a young man who emerges from his experience much stronger and more thoughtful than he goes into it. It's about how a family unit pulls together and how the human spirit can overcome insurmountable adversity to fulfill a dream."

The Courier, (Macclesfield, UK)

"'It was a miracle'. Andrew wouldn't let anything ruin his dream, not even the prospect of death."

The Sky's the Limit, Womans Weekly (UK)

"In writing Fly with a Miracle, Cape Town author Sheila Belshaw had a double-edged personal mission. Not only did she want to tell the extraordinary tale of her family's "journey"... she wanted also to give hope to anyone going through the same terrible experience... The events as they unfold are nothing short of a miracle. Miracle or not, tough and testing times lay ahead for the family."

'Flight path from Hell' Sunday Tribune, (South Africa)

"Sheila Belshaw has written a book about courage that no mother will be able to put down... The book has an immediacy and freshness that makes it hard to put down."

Cape Argus, Cape Town

"A Story of Hope - although at times deeply moving, Fly with a Miracle is far from depressing. It's a trip that will leave you drained but lifted."

Book of the Week, Falkirk Herald (Scotland)

"What a wonderful story - beautifully told".

Dr Philip Rodin, Consultant Physician.